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WE BELIEVE too much household food is wasted. WE EXIST to reduce food waste by using technology to make grocery shopping and pantry management simple.

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Did you know?


American families throw out approximately 25% of the food they buy.

The cost estimate for the average family of four is $1,365 - $2,275 annually, amounting to Billions of dollars in food wasted every year.

Poor planning and inefficient grocery shopping are the key drivers of household food waste.

Locale Vine uses proprietary algorithms to plan and shop efficiently.

LocaleVine recommends recipes to maximize ingredients from your pantry and arranges for store pickup or home delivery of your groceries.

How it works

Choose your Recipes

The groceries needed for your recipes are added to your cart. Our algorithm recommends recipes that use any remaining ingredients. You can also add items from your pantry at home for recipe recommendations.



Your grocery order is sent to your local grocery store. Any remaining ingredients go into your virtual pantry for future recipe recommendations.


Grocery Pickup or Delivery

Your groceries will be ready for pickup at your local grocery store. You can also have them delivered right to your door.

Reducing food waste can lead to substantial grocery savings!


Easy as 1,2,3

Mika's Journey

Power of Localevine

Key Benefits

Pantry Management

Automatically track all your remaining ingredients

Reduce Food Waste

Uses what you already have to reduce spoilage & waste

Save Time & Hassle

Automatically chooses groceries for your recipes and does your shopping

Save Money

Wasting less food SAVES MONEY

Currently, Locale Vine is servicing Mariano's in Chicago.

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